What we do

With over seventy-five years combined experience of running and working in charitable organisations our consultants understand the unique way in which the voluntary sector works and the challenges faced by those working within it.

“ Once again, a really big thank you from us for all your work on the development of the strategic plan. You fulfilled the brief brilliantly.”

As a result, we can offer tailored solutions which bear the ethos of the sector, and its unique way of working, in mind.

  • Strategic planning

    A cornerstone of our work is sitting alongside our clients to improve their strategic planning. We are often involved in the entire strategic planning project; this can include the establishment of a team to produce the plan, development of new creative thoughts on the future of the organisation and the involvement of complex groups of stakeholders (including staff, Trustees and funders). We are happy to design our involvement to suit the individual needs of clients.

  • Governance and management

    We work at both Trustee and senior management level to help improve the way organisations are governed and managed. This can involve the development of new corporate structures such as CIOs, CICs, and Social Enterprises, the training and development of the Board or the creation of ways to monitor individual, and Board, performance. It may involve the review of managerial structures, advice on how to develop the performance of personnel throughout the organisation or a range of other challenges which face senior staff members.

  • Financial analysis, sustainability and full cost recovery

    We spend a considerable amount of time working to improve the financial viability of our clients as well as their ability to monitor their own financial performance. This may involve creating systems which allow them to assess the degree to which they are recovering their full costs on contracts and whether they are operating sustainably. It can also take the form of creating budgets and cashflows which reflect the reality of their situation and partnering staff to understand their financial responsibilities.

  • Mentoring and coaching

    We provide confidential mentoring and coaching services to senior managers and Trustees. We work with our clients to understand the problems they face and to find creative techniques to solve them. In addition, we also work with clients to train their staff in a wide variety of areas relevant to working within the Voluntary and Charitable sector.

  • Tendering and procurement

    We work with our clients to help them prepare for the new procurement and commissioning environments; this may involve developing their ability to respond to tenders in advance of the process starting or working alongside whilst the tendering process is undertaken. We are an accredited NAVCA Procurement Consultant.

  • Other areas

    In addition to the areas listed above we also provide a range of other services to our clients. These include chairing and facilitation of events and seminars, undertaking feasibility studies into a range of new projects, etc.  We are always happy to discuss any proposed project on a ‘no-obligation’ basis.

Peter Stone Consulting has twenty-five years experience of running and working in charitable organisations

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