Building sustainability in the face of funding cuts

In the current economic climate with reducing grant support and continuing pressure to deliver services, it can be difficult to plot a course for your organisation which delivers a sustainable future. Now, more than ever, it is essential that organisations think strategically about their role over the coming years to determine the best way of optimising their delivery in future.

It's understandable that this could seem daunting but a good first step can be to invite a group of staff, trustees and volunteers to discuss their organisation's future and to work through the challenges it will face. An Away Day, even for just half a day, can generate a remarkable amount of input and enthusiasm towards developing a brighter future for the organisation. Once that has taken place, a start can be made on developing a realistic forward plan. Clients report that this also helps to motivate staff and volunteers and creates a more engaged team.

We are regularly asked to facilitate such planning events so that the Chair/Chief Executive can contribute fully to the debate rather than having to concentrate on timing or administration. We can also support you through the process of developing a new strategy designed to define your organisation's future role in a sustainable way.

There are also many other ways in which we are asked to help our clients from governance & management reviews to fundraising, and from risk register development to performance management frameworks. If you would like to discuss any aspect of these types of work on an entirely "no obligations" basis please call Peter Stone on 07711 764994 or email him at

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